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Cement Tiles - Everything You Need to Know

Cement tiles (also known as "Encaustic" cement tiles) are gaining popularity, especially here in Orange County & LA. Since our clients always have questions regarding maintenance and install, we decided to make it easy by creating this blog post. Hope you enjoy!

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6 Ways to Install Subway Tile

Subway tiles are classic, and maybe more importantly affordable.

Not only that, but they provide a variety of looks depending on the type of the subway you choose, and how you intend to lay them.

Offset patterns bring a more relaxed vibe, while the straight stacked subways provide a contemporary touch.

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3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash

We've all been there...on the hunt for the perfect statement piece one of the most visited areas in a home - the kitchen.

It can be overwhelming picking out the perfect backsplash when there are so many innovative materials to choose from. Stone, ceramic, glass, mosaic, subway tiles and everything in between to name a few!

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Quartzite vs. Marble - New Trends for 2017

Here at Famosa, we know just how much our coastal californian clients love the look of a marble countertop. Whether it's in the kitchen or a master bath, white marble seems to put a classic and sophisticated touch on any design throughout a home.

Calacatta and Carrara reign high on our clients' lists of "must-haves" when they're looking to build or remodel their dream home, but lately we're noticing a new favorite in the mix - Quartzites.

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