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3 Tips for Finding the Perfect Kitchen Backsplash


We've all been there...on the hunt for the perfect statement piece one of the most visited areas in a home - the kitchen.

It can be overwhelming picking out the perfect backsplash when there are so many innovative materials to choose from. Stone, ceramic, glass, mosaic, subway tiles and everything in between to name a few!


Image from Pinterest | Mosaic available at Famosa - The Surface Studio

Image from Pinterest | Mosaic available at Famosa - The Surface Studio


Tip #1 - Get Inspired

If you want to get inspired, then you need to visit our showroom in Costa Mesa! We have an abundance of options for kitchen backsplashes that you'll be able to see installed throughout different areas of the showroom. Not only that, but our design consultants can also help answer any of your questions regarding different materials and how to use them in your kitchen. This can be extremely useful when you're hesitant about what kind of backsplash to choose.

If you aren't in the area, then social media tools such as Pinterest and Instagram provide access to beautiful installation images that also inspire. Through browsing social media you'll be able to see what different tiles look like installed. This makes the process of finding a backsplash a little less intimidating because you'll have a good idea of the styles that appeal to you, and the styles you'd like to avoid.

Tip #2 - Consider your lifestyle

When choosing your perfect kitchen splash it's important to consider your lifestyle. Do you enjoy cooking in your kitchen on a daily basis? Do you have kids? If so, take in to consideration that it might be a better choice to look for materials that will be a easier to clean and maintain such as a subway tile, rather than a small scale stone mosaic that has heaps of grout lines to clean.

Tip #3 - Pick your countertops first

If you find you're really struggling with picking out a backsplash, choosing your countertop slabs first can be a good place to start in order to simplify things. Once you fall in love with a countertop, whether it be natural stone or something man made, you'll have a better idea of what types of backsplashes will coordinate with the colors and movement of your slab.

Feel free to share additional tips with fellow readers in the comments below!

~ Famosa - The Surface Studio