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Meet The Designer - Jess Jones Design Group


Interior designer, Jess Jones, sits down for an interview and answers our questions about how to make the most of your home.

We talk about where she draws her inspiration, favorite trends for 2017 and what she loves most about the Famosa showroom.

Photo by Julie Cimpko

Photo by Julie Cimpko

How would you describe your style?

Our vision is to create and curate timeless and cohesive spaces that incorporate beautiful yet function aesthetics, while using the highest quality products and finishes. We juxtapose unlike materials, such as natural stone and reclaimed wood with soft, contemporary fabrics. Our objective is to create spaces that are elegant and ageless, yet contemporary.

Just like our personal style makes a statement, so should our home. It should reflect who we are and create a positive impact and lasting impression.

Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Inspiration is all round and I find it daily through travel, research, the places I visit and the natural world. I even find inspiration through my conversations with clients, colleagues, family and friends. I love discussing the design process, and when I do, new ideas and inspiration always arise.

What are some of your favorite design trends for 2017?

Some of my current favorite trends are incorporating metal with stone & tile. I'm also enjoying working with concrete tiles and many of the new geometric shaped tiles, such as herringbone patterns.

Photo by Julie Cimpko

Photo by Julie Cimpko

Photo by Julie Cimpko

Photo by Julie Cimpko

What's your ultimate dream design project?

My ultimate dream project would be a home situated on a cliff in the coastal hills of California. I'd like to work with the architect, builder and client from the ground up, beginning early with the design process to ensure that no detail is overlooked. I would design the home to incorporate the surrounding hillside and sweeping views of the coast, integrating natural materials such as stone and wood to seamlessly transition indoor and outdoor spaces.

What makes an amazing home or environment in your opinion?

A great environment is created through the use of interesting and diverse materials, along with consideration of all the layers that go into a well designed space.

Layers being flooring, counter tops, ceiling details, paint, plumbing, appliances, lighting, furniture, luxurious fabrics, live greenery, unique accessories, etc. I always tell my clients that the lighting, plumbing fixtures, and cabinet / door hardware are the jewelry of the house and should never be overlooked!

What do you love most about the Famosa Showroom?

Famosa is a stunning showroom with the most beautiful products. They always have the latest and greatest options for tile and stone, and their representatives are consistently knowledgeable and accommodating. Their understanding of the industry is incomparable and their customer service is impeccable. I have worked with Famosa for years and have enjoyed every project we have worked on together.

 Where can people find out more about working with you?

On my website!  www.jessjonesdesigngroup.com

Thank you Jess!


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