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Meet The Designer - Andrea Bruley

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This month we have the pleasure of interviewing Laguna Beach Interior Designer, Andrea Bruley. Andrea works on a variety of projects, but her specialty lies in luxury residential and commercial design.

Let's dive into the interview!


What inspires you and your design work?

I have a passion for traveling and exploring cities on foot because it gives me new opportunities to discover unique architecture and design.

where do you draw inspiration for new projects you're working on?

I love designing all aspects of a project from interior details to furnishings. It could be looking at an architectural book, or roaming through a stone yard, because inspiration can come from anywhere.

What's your ultimate dream design project?

My dream project would be to design a luxury hotel; something very posh and contemporary.

What's your number one tip for creating a beautiful environment?

I always try to look for balance in a space. I think its important to have a a great contrast of materials, lighting, and an underlying cohesive theme.


What's the best part about your job?

Being creative everyday is a dream come true, however, bringing a clients vision to life is the most fulfilling.

what do you love most about the famosa showroom?

It has been such a wonderful resource to find incredible products and I always get such great service.


do you have any particular goals for your career/business in the future?

We are starting to venture into more commercial projects, which is exciting.

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Thank you Andrea!

Make sure to follow Andrea and her team on social media to stay up to date on their current projects.

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