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Meet The Designer - Brooke Wagner

River Residence by BWD / Image by Chad Mellon

River Residence by BWD / Image by Chad Mellon


This month we sit down with CDM Interior Designer, Brooke Wagner.

Brooke's designs are a favorite among our Orange County clients, but her well known beach-home transitional style reaches far beyond just California with her large Instagram following.  

We know you've all been waiting for this one, so let's dive into the interview!



I find myself constantly finding new inspiration in art, travel and textile designs.

where do you draw inspiration for new projects you're working on?

I always like to collaborate with the client to get to know their taste and aesthetic. I generally start by pulling some textiles to get going in a certain vibe and direction, then layer from there. 

What's your ultimate dream design project?

A pretty big one on my list is to design an entire boutique hotel. 

What are your thoughts on using natural stone vs. porcelain on projects?

I always prefer natural!

Abbey Residence by BWD

Abbey Residence by BWD

Abbey Residence by BWD

Abbey Residence by BWD


What's your number one tip for creating a beautiful environment?

The scale and proportions on everything from tile and stone, to rugs and furnishings all make or break a space. 

do you have any tips on creating a beautifully designed bathroom on a budget?

As far as tile and stone, I would recommend an inexpensive field tile like an elongated subway on the walls, then using a more unique hand-made option for the floor and shower pan.

what has been your favorite project to date and why?

That's such a hard question! I've been lucky to have so many great projects and clients. Currently, we designed one of the cottages at Lido House and were given a lot of creative freedom - such a fun, out-of-the-box project!


what do you love most about the famosa showroom?

I love the people! I've been working with Vanessa for many years. She's always so easy to work with and so helpful from the early design phase through installation.


thank you Brooke!

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Project photos by Ryan Garvin / Chad Mellon / Tessa Neustadt