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How to choose your grout color


Grout colors can make or break a tile installation, but it all depends on the look or design you're going for. Certain grout colors can keep a tile or mosaic pattern looking muted and soft, while others can enhance a pattern if you're interested in making a bold statement.

In this blog post we will cover three different types of grout installations, so you can select the right option for your home or project.



contrasting grout

The first type of grout installation option is using a contrasting grout. 

Contrasting grout colors bring a lot of pattern enhancement to specific tiles or mosaics. For instance, a shower installation using a white subway tile on the wall with black grout provides a lot more pattern than if you were to use a white grout. The contrast doesn't always need to be that dramatic, however. Contrasting grout can be as simple as using a light grey grout with a white mosaic (see below for examples of light, medium and dark contrasting grout colors.)

What you want to consider about using a contrasting grout is that it doesn't always work well with all types of tile and stone materials. It's best to have your contractor test grout colors with your material to make sure you like the final result before you install an entire bathroom or kitchen. White marbles in particular can sometimes be stained by darker grout colors, and certain transparent glass tiles can change color when using a contrasting grout. Make sure to check your material's specific installation guide lines and discuss with your contractor prior to installing.


Light contrasting grout


Medium contrasting grout


dark contrasting grout

*This mosaic is available at Famosa - The Surface Studio*


complimentary grout

A complimentary grout color is simply using a light grey grout with a light grey tile or stone, or a white grout with a white marble or ceramic. This keeps the overall pattern of the tile or mosaic a bit softer to the eye and more consistent. Using a complimentary grout color might be a good choice for you if you're someone who prefers not to draw attention to grout lines. This can also be a good choice if you have a lot of different patterns or elements being installed in a bathroom or kitchen, and you want everything to flow together for an overall clean and cohesive design.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 6.47.39 PM.png
thin thassos.PNG

colored grout

Using colored grout is somewhat of a new design trend that's gaining popularity, especially if you're someone who wants to make a statement on a floor installation, a powder room feature wall or even the face of a bar like the image shown below. Colored grout installation is pretty self explanatory and similar to using a contrasting grout. Just pick your favorite color and get busy installing!

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 6.53.02 PM.png

Which grout installation option is your favorite? Let us know in the comment section below!

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