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While Famosa is known for our exquisite tile collections and designs, did you know that we also offer beautiful structural pieces and architectural elements, including brilliant light pendants, carved stone sinks and elegant bathtubs?


nero assoluto

This collection of stone elements originates from the contemporary reinterpretation of objects and environments in the Japanese thermal bath tradition. Made of all-natural stones of different and rigorous shapes, these stimulating surfaces were designed to be a functional art piece.

Modern Japanese bathtub made of Nero Assoluto stone.

Suspended countertop and sink made of Nero Assoluto stone.


archetypal figures

This simple, yet eye catching stone design suggests archetypal figures of water holders, such as wash basins, tubs and buckets. With subtle and rounded edges, these elements emit a profile typical of vases and chinaware.

Carved sinks, made of Arabescato Statuario marble.


Carved stone bathtub, made of Arabescato Statuario marble.

light and compact elements

This collection of light and compact elements speaks in a full and accessible manner in the language of a timeless pieces with soft and essential lines. Made of geometries that are circular, elliptical or squared with rounded corners, these objects have limited dimensions adapting to the often-restricted measures of contemporary washrooms.

Carved stone shower pan made of Pietra di Brera stone.

Carved stone shower pan made of Pietra di Brera stone.


These beautiful and minimalistic designs are just one of the many collections of structural elements we offer at Famosa. Please feel free to contact info@famosatile.com to see other designs.